Select Settings in the menu to adjust the colour scheme (colours of the background and the font), the font size and the orientation of the layout (left or centered). The settings selected will be saved and remain active (cookie).

Consider the functionalities of your browser to manipulate the size of the display and to eventually mask the status bar (full scren mode).

The settings of the electronic book are independent of the settings of the picture and film archives.

We recommend to set appropriate parameters before reading the texts. If you change the settings during the reading, you have to go back to the text via the table of contents.


Select Table of Contents in the menu to display the list of contents. Click on + to list the chapters of a part of the book. Click on i to display the paragraph titles of a chapter. Click on ii to display all paragraph titles of a chapters. Click on Overview (bottom of the layout) to display the entire list of chapter titles.

Read the text of a chapter

Click on a chapter title in the list of contents, and the corresponding text will be displayed. – Consider the two different options of left and right mouse-click (open the text in the same window or tab, or open the text in a new window or tab). – If the chapter has subtitles for corresponding paragraphs, these subtitles are given on the top of the page. You may directly switch to a paragraph by clicking on a subtitle.

Change chapters

Use the "foreward" or "back" buttons in the menu to change to the next or the previous chapter (only displayed if a text of a chapter is active). Use the list of contents to select any chapter.

Links in the text

If you click on a link in the text (left mouse-click), the corresponding content will be displayed in the same window. Again, consider the possibility to open a new window or tab using the right mouse-click.

Switch to the picture archive

Select Picture Archive in the menu. Again, consider the possibility to open a new window or tab using the right mouse-click.