Archive Structure, Access to the Categories (Picture Attributes) and the Classification System

The archive consists of 7900 single records – identifying labels, information in the form of texts and tables, and pictures.

In general, 31 subsequent single records are related to one card (one microfiche):
- the first record of such a record series represents the digitization of the entire microfiche card.
- the second record shows the identifying label
- the third record shows the content of a card
- records 4 to 31 show the single pictures on the card

For each picture, the following information is given:
- the microfiche card number
- the position of the text or picture (related to the record) on the card
- the categories (picture attributes), according to the classification system
- inscriptions as found on the bottom of a drawing or painting, left side
- inscriptions as found on the bottom of a drawing or painting, right side

For an overview of the categories (picture attributes) and their systematic order, that is, the classification system, refer to the menu item «Archive Structure - Categories». Note, that the archive structure corresponds in parallel to the classification system. Click on + to display parts of the system; click on ++ to display the whole system; click on i to display indications for comments on categories (picture attributes); click on a category title to view the related records.


If you have selected a group of records, you can look at the pictures using different layouts; for the selection of a layout, refer to the corresponding menu item.

Sort Order

The record number corresponds to the card number and the order of an extracted picture within a card. Note, that this order corresponds to the order of the categories (picture attributes) within the classification system. Thus, a selection of records is always displayed in the order of the original archive and the classification system.


If you want to search for specific pictures and the related records, you can use a search form; refer to the corresponding menu item. You may also look at «How to Search» in the help menu.

Save – Upload

If you want to save a selection of pictures, refer to the corresponding menu item. If you want to upload a selection saved before, refer to the «Upload» item in the search form.