Vol. 13, 2016

In picture genesis, the "abstract" precedes and enables depiction and coding

Some arguments and speculations based on the investigation of
early pictures in ontogeny

Dieter Maurer

Institute for Contemporary Art Research
Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland

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Illustrations related to the above article, paragraph "Early pictures in ontogeny – empirical findings"

In the article, a summary of the early graphic development in ontogeny is given. In this online presentation, in addition to the illustration in the article, extended illustration is given online here.

The summary mentioned bases on a long-term and comprehensive investigation of drawings and paintings of children aged c. 1 to 6, including very different geographical, social and cultural contexts of picture production, and also including the investigation of the early picture process in ontogeny.

For the investigation as such (research homepage), for the origin of the selected pictures presented and for contact information, please refere to the References and Contact sections.